About Us

Culver Realty – A Heart-Based Real Estate Brokerage. 

Let’s face it…buying & selling a home is far more than a transaction. It’s a very intimate and emotional affair….and you …are a unique spark of humanity who could use and, certainly, deserves to be loved through all the ups & downs of the experience.

That’s why, Culver Realty is devoted to being fully engaged and present for you throughout every step of your home-related journey.  That means, we listen, listen, and listen to understand your desires, needs, concerns and your reasons.

We approach every real estate partnership with love… and enthusiastic hustle and professionalism.  We value your time, your money and you.

And since we value you …

  • We are committed to knowing the market & mastering our craft.
  • We do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it.
  • We show up as “and” people, rather than either/or.
  • We operate from “win-win” perspective.

Culver Realty Service Expertise

  • Full-Service Residential Marketing (Listing) Professional
  • Full-Service Residential Buyer’s Agent
  • Certified Senior Real Estate Specialist – Providing competent, trustworthy & respectful service to and meeting the unique needs of our valued older generations as they transition to a home which better meets their current needs.
  • Certified Probate/Trust Real Estate Specialist – Providing guidance, risk management, & support to personal representatives and trustees as they manage complex legal processes, prepare real estate for sale, and ensure the highest purchase price possible for the heirs.
  • Serving All Lower Michigan Counties North of Kent & East of Lansing

About Diane

Phone: 616-446-4173
Email: diane@dianeculver.com

Born & raised in West Michigan, Diane has a masters degree from Western Michigan University. With excellence as her aim, she is a life-long learner who loves to read and learn the knowledge & skills necessary to master her craft.

Although she works with people of all ages, Diane has a passion for working with people in transition from a long-time family home to a smaller space more suitable to their current needs (empty-nesters, divorcees, retirees, seniors).  She is a certified Senior Real Estate Specialist and a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist. She truly loves her seniors.

When working with her clients, other realtors, vendors, etc., all her decisions & actions are filtered through her personal values of trust, service & integrity.

When asked about her philosophy of service, Diane said, “For me, service equals love.  I want to be a person who adds positives to the world.  I do everything I possibly can to help my clients achieve what they desire and make their experience as smooth and pleasant as possible. When the process is complete, I hope my clients will see me, forevermore, as a friend.”