The Generations of Realty


Often when we are in our fifties, we experience the end of an era.  The kids have grown up, are establishing their careers, entering new relationships and starting their own family. Our once bustling family home has become eerily quiet. It’s easy to feel a sense of emptiness, nostalgia and maybe sadness that all those years of a busy household are a thing of times past.


Ah!  The retirement years!  These days retirement is different for everyone.  It may be a slow transition from full time to part time, to volunteering… or you might choose to draw a line in the sand at work and tell them… “On this day, I’m done.  I’m off to enjoy my golden years and my grandchildren!”

Either way, if you’ve been mindful of your health and a little lucky as well, you have another new life chapter to plan for and live.


When you begin to notice you are slowing down, depending on various factors such as your health, personal safety, and family support, you might wisely give some consideration to what you want the final chapter of your life to play out.

Thinking about such things brings up a level of anxiety most people don’t care for, so they drag their feet.  It’s best to make a plan while you are still healthy, if possible.